Technology of a Waco dentist

Utilizing the latest technology available allows us to bring you the very best in dental care.

This technology allows Dr. Watson and his staff to provide you with a faster and more accurate diagnosis, a more relaxed experience, shorter appointment times and you spend less time at the dentist. Instead, you can be doing what you really want to be doing! If you have questions about any of the following technology or practices, please contact our office.


A state of the art machine that allows us to create a long lasting, all porcelain, metal free restoration that mimics natural tooth structure. The entire procedure can be accomplished in one office visit without bulky, messy impression trays, temporaries or a second appointment.


Digital x-rays allow the dentist to capture a more detailed image with 90% less exposure to radiation than traditional x-rays.


A computer imaging program that allows you to “try on” a new smile with your own picture so you can see all the possibilities of cosmetic dentistry before beginning a procedure.


A complimentary appointment reminder and confirmation system that works through e-mail, text message or telephone, whichever is your preferred method of communication.


At your exam the camera can give you a visual tour of your dental health.